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.bf or .com domain name, which to choose?

Nom de domaine .bf ou .com

Choosing the ideal domain name is a crucial decision when creating your website. The .bf or .com domain name extension represents a choice that may seem complex.

Each of these options has its own advantages, and the final decision will depend on your goals, your target audience and the nature of your online project. In this article, we’ll explore the inherent benefits of each extension in depth to help you make an informed decision.

1. What are the advantages of a .bf domain name?

Since 1993, the Internet extension “.bf” has been dedicated exclusively to Burkina Faso, symbolizing its digital territory. This sphere, just like its physical counterpart, is governed by regulations recorded in a Charter, governing the creation and exploitation of .bf domain names with the primary aim of protecting the rights of third parties.

  • The “.bf” is above all a badge of distinction, and choosing to register your domain name under this extension demonstrates your pride in belonging or rapprochement with the internet community of the country of honest men. It gives credibility to your site, establishes greater trust and consolidates the values ​​of your company which operates in Burkina Faso, among Internet users around the world.


  • With “.bf”, you will improve your local SEO thanks to local SEO, which will promote your visibility among Internet users residing in Burkina Faso. This approach strengthens the national image and guarantees a more advantageous position for your web pages in the natural results of search engines.


  • You can also count on quality technical support in the event of difficulty. Indeed, in the event of a problem, the user can easily contact a local structure, or even contact them by telephone or go directly to their premises in Ouagadougou. If you’ve ever used technical support from some online platforms, you’ve probably noticed the challenges sometimes encountered in getting help, often lost in the maze of support tickets.


  • The “.bf” is also distinguished by its solidarity character: The ABDI, as operator of the “.bf” registry, undertakes to allocate part of the profits from the sale of the .bf domain name to the Fund Support for Internet Development (FSDI) in Burkina Faso.

2. What are the advantages of a .com domain name?

The .com domain name extension is the most popular and recognized worldwide. Opting for a .com domain offers several universal advantages:

  • Users around the world are familiar with the .com extension, which can add a dose of credibility and professionalism to your website.


  • If you plan to reach an audience beyond national borders, .com offers global reach and makes it easier for your website to be recognized internationally.


  • Although popular .com domain names are often taken, you may still have options for names that match your brand or business.


However, the main drawback of .com is its popularity. Given its widespread use, it can be difficult to find a short, memorable domain name that’s available in .com.

Whether preferring the .bf or .com domain name extension, companies must ensure that the chosen extension adequately matches their objectives and aspirations. However, it’s worth noting that the possibility of selecting several domain extensions to create a single website remains entirely viable. As a result, companies are able to acquire both .bf and .com simultaneously, budget permitting.

Other popular domain extensions

Despite the plethora of domain extensions that abound on the web, some of them enjoy a much greater reputation than others. In addition to the .bf and .com domain name extensions, other extensions are frequently found, namely:

.net, .org, .eu, .edu, .gov, .info, .mil, etc.

The .net extension, originally derived from the English term “network”, was initially intended to target companies operating in the technology and online services sectors. Now accessible to everyone, it constitutes a relevant alternative to .com.

As for the .org extension, it comes from the term “organization”. Originally designed for non-profit organizations, it remains favored by these entities. Anyone can access it, and it also finds applications in other types of sites such as information blogs, communities or public services.

Derived from the term “Europe”, .eu presents itself as the appropriate extension for sites with a European scope. As a result, it is aimed at organizations and companies operating within the European Union.

The .info extension is an abbreviation of the word “information”. It is therefore reserved for websites designed to disseminate targeted information to Internet users. It is frequently found for news platforms.

As for .edu, it refers to the concept of “education”. This extension is reserved for educational institutions and is generally not open for public registration.

.gov, which comes from the term “government”, targets American government organizations exclusively.

Finally, the .mil extension has its origins in the terms “military” or “military”. It is aimed at divisions, services and agencies of the American army.

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