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Professional messaging, professional email or even personalized email sets you apart from your competitors !

Why use a professional email address?

Having a personalized email address gives credibility to your business and shows that you have a well-established business. Customers look for some legitimacy before deciding to work with a company. So if you're looking to give your business a legitimate and professional image, you need to use a professional email address. Here are some other reasons to get a personalized email address :

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70.000 F
  • Domain name
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • cPanel access
  • Electronic Signature
  • Technical Assistance


50.000 F
  • Domain name
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Electronic Signature


35.000 F
  • Domain name
  • 10 mailboxes

NB: The amounts mentioned are annual recurring fees.

Why choose ecodev?

A quality assurance

State-of-the-art services, competent staff & a determination to satisfy our customers and partners.


Set up your account on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, so you can access it from anywhere

99.99% of availability

Our servers are available and operational 24/7.


Get advice on choosing your domain and protecting yourself online.


Protect your account against spoofing and similar cybercriminal attacks.

Automatic answers

Automate your responses according to predefined parameters.

Customer service

Our customer service is there for you from A to Z. We love our customers

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What's a domain name?

A domain name is a unique address for a resource on the Internet (website, e-mail, etc.). It usually consists of a website name and a domain name extension (.bf, .com, .org, .net). A simple, easy-to-remember domain name will reinforce your brand image and help your audience find their way around the Internet. For example, you could have .com as your domain name or Note that the “www” is optional and represents what we call a sub-domain.

Domain names are a key element of the Internet infrastructure. They provide a human-readable address for any Web server available on the Internet.

How to choose my domain name?

A domain name can only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and a hyphen (-).

A domain name can contain between 2 and 63 characters (not including .com, .net .org etc. extensions). Additional rules apply to domains with national extensions such as .bf(Burkina Faso), .ci(Cote d’ivoire) .tz Tanzania, etc. Each country has its own regulations. Each country has its own regulations.

A domain name is not case-sensitive, which means it can be written in upper or lower case and still represent exactly the same thing. However, most people use lower-case letters. Note also that the “www.” prefix is generally not part of the requested domain name. For a website named , the domain name is just . is just one of many possible sub-domains under .

What is a subdomain?

How to pay for my business e-mail?

You can do this from your customer area. The customer area lets you see the status of all the services you’ve subscribed to, view subscriptions that are almost expired, and renew by paying with mobile payment methods such as Orange Money or Moov Money.

Ready to become PRO?

Once you’ve learned about the importance of using professional email addresses and the risks involved in not using them, you’ll be convinced to create your account! Do you have any other concerns? Contact us!