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TLDTypeCountryDescriptionRegisterRegister (offer)Renew
.bf ccTLDLe domaine National et Patriotique, le domaine de l'intégrité 14.000 14.000 12.500
.com *gTLDDomaine Commercial 11.100 8.300 11.500
.net *gTLDSur internet 10.500 9.200 11.800
.org *gTLDLa réputation d'une Organisation sérieuse 10.500 6.900 11.800
.ioccTLDPour les technologies avancées 30.000 26.100 31.300
.coccTLDColombieThe domain for startups 19.600 7.200 20.900
.aiccTLDAnguillaYour future starts here 54.000 47.500 54.000
.co.ukccTLDUnited KingdomGet a UK business original 6.900 6.600 8.200
.caccTLDCanadaThe TLD that sings 'O Canada' 9.800 9.800 11.100
.dev *gTLDDevelop your idea online 11.800 10.500 13.100
.meccTLDMontenegroShow more of you with a .me 14.400 5.300 14.400
.deccTLDAllemangneThe No. 1 German Domain 6.600 6.600 7.900
.app *gTLDThe domain for app developers 11.800 11.800 13.100
.inccTLDIndeDon't miss out, get a .in 7.200 4.600 8.500
.isccTLDIcelandThe little domain that says a lot 29.300 29.300 30.600
.euccTLDUnion EuropéeneYour passport to the .EU 6.600 5.300 7.900
.ggccTLDGuernseyGet your good game on! 46.900 46.900 48.200
.toccTLDTongaThe little TLD with big impact 28.000 21.500 29.300
.phccTLDPhilippinesThe .ph-abulous Filipino domain 36.500 28.000 36.500
.nlccTLDNetherlandsIt's 100% Dutch 2.000 2.000 2.000
.idccTLDIndonesiaCreate your identity online 17.000 17.000 18.300
.inc *gTLDShow you mean business 3.400 2.800 3.500
.website *gTLDTurn your idea into a reality 15.000 3.300 16.300
.xyz *gTLDHave the last word with a .xyz 9.800 3.300 11.100
.club *gTLDBring people together 2.000 3.700 12.400
.online *gTLDCarve out your own space 3.900 2.700 24.800
.info *gTLDBe the answer they want 13.700 4.600 14.400
.store *gTLDThe TLD built for selling 33.900 3.200 35.200
.best *gTLDBe the .best 15.000 4.600 16.300
.live *gTLDLights, camera, domain 18.900 4.000 20.200
.usccTLDUnited StatesMake it big in the USA 7.600 4.600 8.900
.tech *gTLDThe TLD that's as savvy as you are 31.900 7.800 33.200
.pwccTLDPalauKeep it professional 15.000 6.600 15.000
.pro *gTLDShow off your skills 13.700 4.600 14.400
.ukccTLDUnited KingdomThe best of British 6.900 6.600 8.200
.tvccTLDTuvaluThe perfect TLD for entertainers 21.500 21.500 22.800
.cxccTLDChristmas IslandThe TLD for cryptocurrency 15.000 15.000 15.000
.mxccTLDMexicoThe no. 1 domain in Mexico 28.000 28.000 29.300
.fmccTLDMicronesiaTune in now 67.000 53.400 67.000
.ccccTLDCocos IslandsFor companies, clubs, & associations 9.200 5.900 10.500
.world *ccTLDShow the world your .world 21.500 4.000 22.800
.space *ccTLDMake it your .space 15.000 3.300 13.700
.vip *ccTLDThe TLD for important people 11.800 5.300 12.400
.life *ccTLDReady for your new .life? 21.500 4.000 22.800
.shop *ccTLDThe place to sell 22.200 3.200 26.100
.host *ccTLDBe the host with the most 57.300 6.600 58.600
.fun *ccTLDA domain to make you smile 15.000 3.300 16.300
.biz *ccTLDThe ideal home for small business 13.100 5.300 14.400
.icu *ccTLDGet seen on the web 7.200 3.400 7.200
.design *ccTLDYour chance to get creative 31.300 5.900 32.600
.art *ccTLDThe online gallery for every artist 9.200 3.500 10.500

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Domain name extensions .bf, .com, .org, .net, .info, .me, .africa etc... and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

This F.A.Q answers the most frequently asked questions, however if you have any other concerns you can contact us directly


A domain name is a unique address that allows you to identify and locate a website on the Internet. It consists of a character string designed to be easily remembered and identifiable by Internet users.

The use of the domain name is essential in URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) to access a specific website.

The Components of a Domain Name

A domain name consists of two main parts: the name itself and the domain extension. For example, in the domain name "", "mywebsite" is the name and ".com" is the domain extension.

You can choose from different domain name extensions such as .bf, .net, .org, etc.

Choice and Composition of Domain Names

The choice of a domain name is flexible, subject to its availability. It can be composed of letters, numbers and the hyphen (-).

It's also important to note that case sensitivity can vary, although most domain names are generally lowercase.

More Information and Special Offers

To find out more about domain names and how the Internet works, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

It's important to note that purchasing a domain name does not automatically guarantee the creation of a professional website or email addresses. However, we offer complete packs that meet all of your needs, at affordable prices.

When you purchase a domain name, it remains your property for a period of one year. After this period, you pay a fee to renew your commitment and keep the domain in your possession.

If you fail to do so, after a period of one month, your domain name will be put back on the market and anyone will be able to acquire it, in which case you will no longer have any rights to the domain in question, as it no longer belongs to you.

Generally speaking, domain names are paid for annually, but you can decide to pay for 2 years, 3 years, 5 years or more.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: If the domain name you want has already been taken by someone else, you can't have it unless that person is willing to sell it (rare case). Otherwise, you can find alternatives by changing extensions (.com, .net, .info, etc.) or modifying the name slightly (e.g. adding a hyphen with another word).

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